About Henry Street Property Group

Henry Street Property Group is a family-owned real estate company based in Philadelphia and Kansas City. We’re not your typical ‘we buy houses’ company. We work with homeowners to buy properties from them for cash, usually because they need extensive repairs or maintenance and can’t be sold through a realtor. We help homeowners get out of sticky situations like foreclosure, owning a burdensome property, probate, going through a divorce or anything else.

Our Commitment

We are committed to professionalism, honesty and ethics in everything we do. We have a friendly attitude and we’re easily approachable – we don’t use scare tactics or high pressure negotiation to get homeowners to sell their house to us. We perform extensive research of the property, the neighborhood and the market trends to make sure we can give you the best offer possible – we never present lowball offers. We’re happy to discuss the house and the selling process – we’ll gladly answer any questions you have.

About Grady Sullivan

Grady Sullivan – Owner, Henry Street Property Group

I am the founder and manager of Henry Street Property Group. After my wife and I bought our first rehab property several years ago I was hooked and fell in love with real estate.

I love what I do because I have a chance to really create a win-win situation for everyone, not just me. I believe if you are sincere in your business and you SERVE first, you will succeed.  My company is no different.

My first goal is to provide a real practical solution. I have no problem directing potential sellers that come to me who need to sell their house fast in Philadelphia, to another source if I feel that would be best for them.  I would like to think we are not the typical “We Buy Houses in Philadelphia” company.  We are a small family owned company who follow family values. We strive to provide great customer support EVEN if you don’t buy your house.

I have the ability to serve the Philadelphia real estate market not because I am anyone special but because I believe in doing what’s right and finding a solution that works for everyone.

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